Anvil Map Tips Widget Version 1.1, May 25, 2015

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2/18/2017 - updated download link


The Acme Widget in the Hamilton County WAB Viewer is a "headless" widget that adds lots of functionality and modifies the behavior and/or appearance of a lot of Esri Widgets (without modifying their code).  The Anvil series of widgets are simplified versions of the Acme Widget, demonstrating just one or two nuggets of functionality.


This widget is a sample of how to create a "headless" widget for the Wed AppBuilder (WAB).  By "headless," I

mean it is invisible and it is loaded at startup.  This sample adds map tips on feature layers.


There is no live sample for this widget, as it is invisible.


I called it AnvilMapTips because the original "headless" widget I wrote is called Acme, and I wanted to stay

with the Roadrunner theme.


This widget is configured for two layers, "Parcels" and "Address Points (E911)".  You will need to modify the

config.json to use feature layers from your map.  Use layer titles (not ids or names) and the field names

(not the aliases) for that layer.


If you want to drop this widget into the WAB and configure it in an app, you will need to copy its folder

into the client\stemapp\widgets folder and then add it to the client\stemapp\predefined-apps\default

\config.json file.


If you want to add this widget to an app you have already built with the WAB, then add it to the main

config.json file like this:


"widgetOnScreen": {

  "widgets": [


    "uri": "widgets/AnvilMapTips/Widget",

    "position": {

      "left": -1000,

      "bottom": -1000


    "version": "1.1",

    "id": "widgets/AnvilMapTips/Widget_101",

    "positionRelativeTo": "map",

    "name": "AnvilMapTips",

    "label": "Anvil Map Tips"


    . . .

    . . .


  "panel": {

    "uri": "jimu/PreloadWidgetIconPanel",

    "positionRelativeTo": "map"



. . .

. . .

AnvilMapTips-1.1-2015-5-25 (download - widget by Larry Stout) 


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