ArcGIS StoryMaps - How to recover a lost story

Document created by AShah-esristaff Employee on Jul 7, 2020
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The steps to recover a story are as following:

  1. Download Postman software from
  2. Sign up to create an account on it.
  3. Sign into and open the story in which you are getting “Hmm..there seems to be an issue with your story” error. 
  4. Click on “Recover JSON” link to download the json file for your story.
  5. Rename the downloaded json file to draft.json.
  6. Get your username by clicking on “Your profile” menu on the top right. 
  7. Get the story id for your story from the browser URL.

         For example, 358b83b5f776402fa726cfa316aa197c is the story id for this story.

   8.Get the token id by opening Developer tools in your browser, go to Network tab and search for token or draft.json in the filter.


9.   Open Postman

10. Change the request type to “POST” in the dropdown, and enter the following URL:<username>/items/<storyid>/addResources

11. Replace <username> in the URL with your user name as mentioned in Step 6, <storyid> with your story id as mentioned in Step 7.

12. Go to Body tab, and add the following KEY VALUE pairs.

         f                             json

         token                    <token Id from step 8>

         file                        upload draft.json downloaded from Step 4

         access                  private


      Get the token id from Step 8 and do not forget to copy entire token id including full stop as shown in the image in step 8.

      After entering file name as KEY, go outside of that box, and then hover over in file box, it shows a dropdown with Text and File options, select File in that and then upload       draft.json file in the value.

 13. Click on ‘Send’.

 14. If you see “Success” message in the console as shown in the image in Step 10, then your story is recovered successfully and on reloading the tab, you should see last saved contents.