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This widget enables the users to use the Google Tools in a way that does not violate Google's Terms of Use (TOS).


Thiis is the workflow:

When a user clicks on a location on the ArcGIS map, this widget will copy the XY coordinates of the clicked point. 

So, in the widget.js there is this line:

 var url1= "http://xxxxx/google_tools/index.html?lat="


You will need to have access to a web server where you will post this index.html file. So, if your web server url  is at http://myserver

change the above code to reflect the connection to your server.

 var url1= "http://myserver/google_tools/index.html?lat="

The widget will formulate the url1 and call the index file on your webserver.

Click here to get the index.html file, so you can use it and place it in your webserver.

The index.html file will open as a Google map, centered at the point you clicked on on your app.

That's it. 


Here is a demo.