Exporting CityEngine Metadata to Unreal Engine 4

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This document describes describes how to export metadata (e.g. GIS attributes) from CityEngine 2019.0 (or later) to Unreal Engine 4.22 (or later). For information on how to use the Unreal Engine exporter please refer to the CityEngine Exporter for Unreal Quick Start Guide, the CityEngine Help on Unreal Export, our FAQ and the Unreal Studio Community Site.


  1. Create a new Unreal Engine project based on the CityEngine Model Loader template project in your Unreal Library Vault (you need an Unreal Studio subscription for the CityEngine template projects to be visible).
  2. In CityEngine export the models using the Unreal Engine exporter with Mesh Merging set to Per Initial Shape and Metadata to All. Objects using Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh Components (HISMC) do not support metadata, so it is recommended to set Instancing to either Disabled or Use Instancing (but not Use Instancing with Hierarchical Instanced Static Mesh). After the export is complete, import the resulting .udatasmith file into the CEMetadataTemplateScene level in the Unreal Project.

  3. After starting the level with the Play button, you can look around while pressing your right mouse button and move around using the W, A, S and D keys. Left clicking will highlight the selected actor and show its metadata in a popup.