• Georeferencing in ArcGIS Online

    10 votes
    Here, I am talking about the ability to take a scanned map image, say from https://davidrumsey.com and bring that image into ArcGIS Online to georeference it. Yes, there are workflows to go from the Desktop ...
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  • (Better) support for Multipatches in Arcpy

    12 votes
    The Arcpy module has a Multipatch class which inherits from the Geometry class, but there is no documentation on how to create Multipatches in Arcpy. See also my remarks at the end of the blog post Working with 3D and...
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  • Download button grayed out for ArcGIS Pro

    27 votes
    Unable to update ArcGIS Pro as the button is grayed out.        How to Apply ArcGIS Pro Software Updates | ArcGIS Blog fails to work. There are no network restrictions, product  fails ...
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  • Business Analyst Custom Data

    I created a created a county level map using the custom data option in Business Analyst. The map renders in Business Analyst nicely and has a nice hover pop up. When I export the map to ARCGIS Online, the hover pop-up...
  • Trying to georeference a jpg image from Google Earth

    New to ArcGIS pro. Trying to georeference a jpg image from Google Earth so I can use it with the Avenza app. I have imported the image fine as a jpg and have run through the process of manually adding control points b...
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  • Is it possible to create our own boundaries with ArcGIS Maps for Power BI?

    Hi,   I was wondering if we can create our own boundaries in organizational reference layer (from ArcGIS enterprise or ArcGIS Online) consumed by Power BI using ArcGIS Maps for Power BI and use the LOCATION fiel...
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  • I need to make a conditioned choice filter in my Survey

    Dear all, Im trying to do a filter for one of my questions but based in a condition and previous answer. I have one question about the type of incident that happened, and based in the answer, i need to show some cas...
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  • Survey123 - Using OR Statements in the Choice Filter

    Hi there,   I am currently putting a survey together using cascading selects and the choice filter. Everything works great until I tried to include an "OR" statement in a choice filter. The syntax I have been tr...
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  • Network Analyst

    Hello I am doing my homework of traveling salesman problem but in my network there is one particular spot that is not reached by network analysis Idid so much things but the route is did not use this particular s...
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  • ArcGIS Pro 2.5: “red-yellow-green” color scheme appears not to be available for the “graduated colors” option for the polygon layer,

    ArcGIS Pro 2.5: “red-yellow-green” color scheme appears not to be available for the “graduated colors” option for the polygon layer,   I observed that the “red-yellow-green” co...
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  • Support the ability to hover over features in AGOL

    11 votes
    Support the ability to hover over features in AGOL very similar to ArcMap map tips
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  • Fun with Colorizing Lidar with Imagery

    This blog is developing, just starting and will grow with time:   Over the last few years, I have been publishing lidar colorized point clouds as supplements to the 3D cities, like St. Louis area, that I have cr...
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  • Exported rasters only have location data (x,y), no z data

    I am currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 and have encountered a problem that I can unfortunately not solve, and I have not found any forum entries that are similar enough to troubleshoot with.  I am trying to...
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  • Balcony design for the corner of the building

    hello everyone I want to design a balcony for the corners of the building like the picture below.( by cga rule in cityengine) . But I don't know how to do it, can anyone help. very thanks
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  • Experience Builder- Text Box Widget: Text Truncation

    Text Box widget doesn't allow for scrolling with dynamic text therefore the text gets truncated.  Please allow for option to enable scroll bar. Dynamic Text:    Resulting Truncation of the {Details...
  • Create Tile Package stuck at 100% for hours

    I'm trying to create a tile package in ArcGIS Pro to use on a Collector map. I'm using clipped NAIP imagery. It keeps getting stuck at 100% for hours and not completing. I've tried leaving it overnight. It has all the...
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  • Add x y coordinates in web map layer

    40 votes
    I'd like to see an add x y coordinate tool for feature layers in AGO web maps.  X Y cords in lat long decimal degrees would be excellent.   Users using new Esri tools such as trek2there that requires l...
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  • custom symbology of a point coordinate conversion Widget

    Dear All in below image i use the coordinate conversion widget.and check gotolocation box.after putting  input the location come on the map as a small white circle which shows on the image inside the red circle.i...
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  • Just Get RID of the CREDITS!!!!

    179 votes
    I am an Esri Business Partner. I have had conversations with every one of my clients about credit usage.   Every. Single. One.    In a world of ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Portal, Level 1 Users, Level 2 User...
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  • Staging failed when trying to publish hosted feature layer in Pro

    I have about four layers I am trying to publish from ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS Online and I keep receiving a "Staging failed" error with no other details:     I found this article: Error: Staging failed ...
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