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Is ArcGIS 10.2 crashing when attempting to add shapefiles to ArcMap? We see your error reports coming in and we want you to know there’s a fix! For more details about this issue, please see this blog.


This reminder comes from Kirsten Pinkston in Esri Technical Support.



Experiencing this issue? Here’s what you need to do:


Install the patch

For those of you running ArcGIS 10.2 and experiencing crashes when working with shapefiles, it is necessary that you download and install this patch or upgrade to 10.2.1 to apply the fix.


Can’t install the patch or upgrade?

Shapefiles typically associated with this crash contain dBase files with a large number of fields. Converting these shapefiles to file geodatabase feature classes can help to work around the crashing.


Please continue to contact Esri

For any and all error reports you receive, please send them to Esri with a valid email address, as this enables us to identify and respond faster to issues impacting your work.