This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Pro #8

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In our current age we tend to spend a fair amount of time on computers and traversing challenges we encounter is a part of that experience. This might be trying to figure out why a network drive is unavailable, ascertaining the best location to build your next store, digitizing your town’s power plant or simply working out why you can’t add a specific dataset to your project. For This Week’s Picks - ArcGIS Pro #8, we will look at a few resources that help troubleshoot issues with ArcGIS Pro.


For this we will get the help of Esri Canada Technical Support. Their two-part series, “Troubleshooting ArcGIS Pro like an Esri Canada Support Analyst” covers performance, crashes, data issues and errors with named user licensing. While these may not address every scenario, they cover much. The last pick is from the Technical Support Knowledge Base and covers high CPU usage when running GP tools.


Now on to the picks…

This Week's Picks-ArcGIS Pro #8 

Troubleshooting ArcGIS Pro like an Esri Canada Support Analyst: Part 1


Tackling performance issues is a tough task. Esri Canada lays down a primer to help with some of the most common areas like systems specs, drivers, ArcGIS Pro settings and using add-in’s like PerfMon. It also addresses some strategies for handling data issues and how to approach program crashes. If all else fails, follow their recommendation of reaching out to support to continue troubleshooting! Take a look at Part 1 here.


Troubleshooting ArcGIS Pro like an Esri Canada Support Analyst: Part 2 (Named User Licensing)


This of course is specific to the Named User License Type in ArcGIS Pro. Chances are that if you are using this type you may have encountered some of the errors this blog covers. I particularly like the format where it shows the issue, the cause, and how to fix it. Check it out here! Be sure to also review the supplemental links at the end of the blog for additional licensing resources that may be of use.


High CPU usage when running geoprocessing tools


While not necessarily something that impacts everyone, some situations may arise where running geoprocessing tools on large datasets impacts performance. Depending on several factors this to some degree may be unavoidable, but it may be due to not all cores on the CPU being utilized. Namely, if the tool allows parallel processing you can have ArcGIS Pro distribute the workload across multiple cores. Check out the article here.


NOTE: Per this doc, a word of caution: If you specify more processes than are available you could negatively impact performance. An exception here is when the analysis is I/O heavy or processing to an enterprise database.

Lastly, a quick tip to see if a tool can utilize parallel processing: look for the following icon underneath the tool in the geoprocessing pane:

GP Parallel Processing Icon  


Additional links:

Parallel Processing Factor (Environment setting)


Thanks for reading this week’s picks covering some recent resources that try to address some common issues that come into support. I hope they help with troubleshooting but when in doubt reach out to support! Stay tuned for future picks and if you are interested you can also check out This Week's Picks - ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Thanks again for reading and happy mapping!


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