• using mutiprocessing module - can't find python.exe anymore?

    I finally had a good reason to start writing an arcpy script that uses the multiprocessing module (new in v2.6). Great! I start coding following this example: http://pythongisandstuff.wordpress.com/2011/07/11/using-ar...
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  • clone python env is not the same if I do it with ArcGIS Pro 2.6 or on the commandline

    What is the best way to cloen python? I like to add new modules and in a old post I read that I sholud not install them (pip install ....) to the default env (arcgispro-py3). So I cloned Python wih ArcGIS Pro but with...
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  • Upgraded to ArcGIS Pro 2.6: arcpy.CreateFileGDB_management() now leaving an sr.lock

    Hello,   To summarize my current workflow, I use tkinter in Python 3.x (Esri's release that accompanies each Pro update) to execute some Esri geoprocessing functions for exporting SDE data (Create local File GDB...
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  • Timeline for python upgrade?

    Python... currently at the end of the 3.6 series in Pro (aka, 3.6.10). Various packages that are used in the ecosystem are about to begin retiring 3.6.x.   For example... numpy will be saying goodbye NEP 29 - ...
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  • Replacing datasource does not work through arcpy

    Writing a script to replace the datasource in a project.  I have tried doing this by replacing the .sde file path on the apex object.  Tried by replacing at the map level and also at the layer level.  n...
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  • Python the road ahead

    Just sitting in 'Python Across the ArcGIS Platform': big take away is they "have heard us" and the ability to update as opposed to re-create clones with Pro version updates in on the road map!   Dan Patterson
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  • AddRuleToTopology_management error

    AddRuleToTopology_management do not recognize a feature class, previously recognized and listed through arcpy.ListFeatureClasses() and checked by arcpy.CheckGeometry_manegement. It is possible to add a new topology r...
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  • Zipping multiple shapefiles to multiple zip folders

    Hello, I am new to scripting and am working with a piece of code that can zip one shapefile to one zip folder, and would like to know if anyone out there can give me some pointers to converting the code to zip multipl...
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  • Can't access to the errors with GetMessages()

    Greetings to all I'm not getting access to the error messages with arcpy.GetMessages arcpy () and related functions. I'm really frustrated with this problem. For example, if I run on the Windows: arcpy.GetCount_mana...
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  • Arcpy.da.insertcursor, Update, Delete and the Related Table Indexing of a Geometric Network

    Could it be possible that the attached python script is breaking the link between parent-child related records? Is it possible that the arcpy.da.insertcursor does not play well with related tables in a geometric netwo...
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  • Automate overwrite web layer, feature class

    Hi  I'm trying to automate an update process for one of my hosted features in portal. So far I have: 1. Solved the automatic download and adjustment of the file in question. (using powershell/task scheduler) 2...
  • SearchCursor

    I try to find a match of numbers in the first column and second column, if it finds the same number in second column, it writes the value of the first column into third column. Do you have any ideas? 
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  • Python Near Analysis (No Advanced Licence)

    I need to determine the shortest distance between each point within a single feature class. Near Analysis would have worked perfectly, but unfortunately you need to have an Advanced ArcGIS Licence and I only have a St...
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  • Unicode Errors

    More than once I've come across unicode errors when using a da cursor (see 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u201c'  ) or some other type of field value manipulation ( Where clause for '\n' )....
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  • Python add layer into webmap

    Hi guys, i have developed a script Python that generate and publish a map service from folder that contains a shape file. The question is! Using Python is possible to add dinamiccaly the new service into a specific ...
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  • import arcpy tramples datetime import

    I've never seen anything that states arcpy should/must be imported first in order to not override other system modules.  I only skimmed this document but didn't see anything specific, although their examples tend...
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  • Python script for converting strings to numbers

    I need to convert two fields entered as strings into numbers so that I can do simple arithmetic on them using the field calculator. In ArcGIS 10 Desktop, within the field calculator, what script/function should I use?...
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  • Formating text in AddMessage

    Hi, Is there a way of formating text that is in an AddMessage statement?  I'd like to change the color and whether it is bold or not so that the message jumps out to my users on the geoprocessing window. Thanks, ...
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  • ERROR 999999: Error executing function Failed to execute FeatureClassToFeatureClass

    Can anyone tell me about this error. I can run feature class to feature class conversion in model builder and it works fine. But when I try to add it to a python script I get this ERROR 999999: Error executing functio...
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  • arcpy.ExportTileCache_management() storage format not working

    In the course of automating my processes, I noticed that the storage format "EXPLODED" parameter is not being honored in a stand alone python script.  Every time I run the tool, it always outputs ".bundle" files....
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