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Hello, I need to create a python script that would rename all the feature classes within multiple featuredatasets in a gdb (the gdb is in ArcSDE if that makes any difference). The feature classes are in a set format and I need to change the prefix and part of the suffix. For example:  from "road_1234567ns" to "RD_1234567_NS12_13" where… (Show more)
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Python... currently at the end of the 3.6 series in Pro (aka, 3.6.10). Various packages that are used in the ecosystem are about to begin retiring 3.6.x.   For example... numpy will be saying goodbye NEP 29 - Dropping Python version support · Issue #66 · dask/community · GitHub    and, IPython ipython/version7.rst at master · ipython/ipython… (Show more)
How can I set the time properties for a feature class or a layer via arcpy? For example, it appears that the layerTime classes are not available in Pro when compared to ArcMap?   Set the time properties on data—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  LayerTime—ArcMap | Documentation 
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I have a hard time with field mapping and the only form I seem to understand is the following but it also seems to not work, maybe I doing it wrong but here is what I found. Using a code like below PIN "PIN" true true false 13 Text 0 0 ,First,#, {0}, PIN,-1,-1; ACRES "ACRES" true true false 4 Double 0 0  ,First,#, {0}, ACRES,-1,-1; PARCEL… (Show more)
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Click to view contentI have Script to create a tool, which converts a comma-delimited text file containing coordinates to a feature class within a database, but an unexpected error appears as in the attached images, is there a workaround for that? I used ArcMap 10.8 to execute the code! Please Help...
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I have multiple point feature class (las_1.shp, las_2.shp....._711) into one folder. I am trying to write a python script to perform IDW interpolation which will loop all the point feature class and outraster will save as it name of input raster.  Each Point feature class hold  one Z filed only (Altit). The problem is that after interpolation some… (Show more)
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I recently upgraded to Arcpro 2.6 and am having issues with an ArcPy script that exported data to a file geodatabase and then zipped that fgdb.   res=arcpy.FeatureClassToFeatureClass_conversion(in_features=inFeature, out_path=I10_fgdb, out_name=FC) del res  shutil.make_archive(fgdbPath, 'zip', ZipPath,fgdb)   This worked just fine in 2.5.X,… (Show more)
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I want to extend my polyline to a given distance. How can I do this. I have attached image to clear my specification. I am using .net in arcmap . I am also using python   Thanks.
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Click to view contentI have a text element that I can't seem to find. I'm using this support document: TextElement—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation  I can find it if I use the the text Name (Text 37), but in my case I have a multitude of maps and Text 37 might have irrelevant text in another map. So, in short I need to find and replace the Text.   Here's the script I'm… (Show more)
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I am attempting to use Arcpy Layer updateConnectionProperties method to change the database connection for each layer in an ArcPro project from my SDEDEV environment to an SDEUAT environment. Note that both database are identical copies so they only vary in the database name/servername, instance name and PWD. In our organization this is a common… (Show more)
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