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Hi, I need to create query table and add it to map document (mxd). When using tool from toolbox everything work fine, but in both, python and model builder, result table is not shown in TOC. In arcpy I found only AddLayer method. Any ideas?
in Python
I am automating a process with model builder. I was looking in the toolbox for a tool that allows me to change the order of my fields. But, I did not find anything so i'm looking for the option to do it with a script using arcpy. could you help me with information about how to do it
in Python
My error message is not displaying in my code. Just testing how to use Selenium on Python. #import what I need from selenium import webdriver from import ChromeDriverManager from import WebDriverWait import time #set my driver object driver =… (Show more)
in Python
I'm currently working with a multiple featureclass geodatabase where domains and subtypes have been set up. However, we've discovered that a number of records have been improperly attributed. When we run the geodatabase though our shchemas, (either in part or in whole,) a number of the records symbolize properly, but those that have the incorrect… (Show more)
in Python
I started a new job and one of the tasks given to me was to write some python to work with their ArcServer REST services. I first thought it was token protected but I found out that they federated it with portal and it's all web tier authenticated.    I'm trying to hit the url with requests but keep getting a need token response but even if i get… (Show more)
in Python
I'm using python and trying to download and create a layer using the exportImage functionality here:3DEPElevation (ImageServer) .  I find that I'm able to download a clipped raster from exportImage much faster than using MakeImageServerLayer_management. ExportImage takes less than 15 seconds, where MakeImageServerLayer takes 45+ seconds.  So long… (Show more)
in Python
Click to view contentI am getting an error attempting to use output written to memory. See code and error below.  I have tried with setting arcpy.env.workspace and without.   import arcpy ##arcpy.env.workspace = r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb" arcpy.analysis.GenerateNearTable(r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb\ControlSectionSprint12", r"C:\TEMP\Test.gdb\ControlSectionSprint12",… (Show more)
in Python
Somehow I'm not able to add all values in a search cursor to a dictionary - one value pair is missing? What is my mistake?   def Dict1(self):         with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(outIntersect, ["FID_Anbinden1", "FLURSTUECKSTEXT"]) as cursor:             for row in cursor:                 print("{} - {}".format(row[0], row[1]))                 myKey… (Show more)
in Python
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