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We have a network share with the name of GIS_Imagery which has some tiff files in a sub folder on the drive.  When we add these tiff images to our map it changes the drive name to GIS\Imagery upon saving the map.  There are underscores in the sub folder on the drive that are not changed.  Has anyone else seen this behavior?  We are currently using… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I'm editing some shapefiles (not originally made by me) , specifically changing the vertexes of some polygons and I realize when some of the vertexes look red while the majority look green, any reason as to why some are different coloured?
in ArcMap
Click to view contentI'm having trouble with fill symbols being distorted in ArcMap.  If I use a picture fill, such as this: I get these lines where the pattern starts over (I'm guessing):   But if I use a fill symbol from the gallery, such as:   I get this in the map:   Any ideas welcome! 
in ArcMap
Attribute table for natural gas meters is joined to a view in my billing system so when a user clicks on the map they can see the customers usage. So far all works.   Modified the view to change the usage to a subquery (select Max(usage) from tblCustomer;) as "Max Actual Usage". The view represents fine in SQL Server.   When using a sub-query… (Show more)
in ArcMap
Anyone have issues with features (points, lines, polygons) disappearing when zooming in past 1:425 and having ArcMap basemap imagery layer in the map?  Noticed the issue after installing AutoCAD 3D 2021 on the machine; before that there were no issues.    Also, if I load in a different ArcGIS imagery service (i.e. NC One Map) the error does not… (Show more)
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Don't know whether to ask this hear or in the ArcGIS Pro forum.   I have some MasterMap data which I wish to style up using the default styles.   ESRI layer files are available here: GitHub - OrdnanceSurvey/OSMM-Topography-Layer-stylesheets: SQL scripts & cartographic stylesheets for OS MasterMap Topog…     However, when I take the Schema 9… (Show more)
in ArcMap
I saw a great new style featured in the Spring 2020 issue of ArcUser magazine (p 58).  I downloaded it. I'm using ArcMap, not ArcPro, and I can't see any way to import this .stylx file into my styles folder.  Is it applicable only with ArcPro?
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Hey there,   One of my clients wants a geodatabase from a PostgreSQL/PostGIS project I have been doing. I can right click the Database Connection in the Catalog and Export - Geodatabase, but the result is only the tables with a geometry field. That's completely inadequate as most of the spatializations are done via views joining tables with… (Show more)
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In my map layout, I am using dynamic text from Data-Driven Pages attribute. In the column that I am using from the attribute, there are some empty fields. When I display the dynamic text the empty fields are displayed as <empty> and that's fine with me. My problem is that when I add an additional text (stack text not dynamic) manually it continues… (Show more)
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We have been trying to export maps from an MXD for almost a month now. It had been working fine and then suddenly stopped working a month ago. It seems that whenever the data driven pages is enabled, exporting the map returns an error. If the data driven pages is disabled, the map exports fine. It would be nice to get this fixed so we don't have… (Show more)
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