ArcGIS Materials Management Solution for DOT's

Video created by pgiers-esristaff Employee on Dec 5, 2019

    This video is a demonstration of a Materials Management solution for Departments of Transportation built from configurable, integrated components of the ArcGIS Enterprise platform--including:

    • ArcGIS Portal,
    • ArcGIS Workforce (desktop and mobile),
    • ArcGIS Navigator,
    • ArcGIS Survey123, and
    • ArcGIS Operations Dashboard. 

    It's a bit longer than some (16 minutes), but it covers an end-to-end workflow that moves from work (sample collection) assignment to field collection of a sample for testing, then to the testing lab, where a lab supervisor assigns the testing and a lab technician performs the test, and finally to a project manager's reporting dashboard.  Along the way, ArcGIS integration with Webhooks technology is leveraged to generate notification emails, and ArcGIS intra-app integration is leveraged to:

    • Minimize administrative burden,
    • Reduce the risks of data entry error and data sharing delays, and
    • Deliver timely, data-driven intelligence to decision makers in a concise and compelling format.