Updated Yeoman Generator for ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Video created by odoe on Aug 17, 2016

    I finally found some time recently to update the Yeoman generator for ArcGIS JS Apps to output a starter app for 4.0 as well as an option for Sass.


    You can learn more about Yeoman here.


    The generator will create a starter app for 3.x or 4.0 and also has all the tooling to create a custom local build of your application using the Bower release of the ArcGIS JS API. It also includes some optimizations or deployment to create a single file build and copies all resources or required external files into a release folder.


    The starter apps are also in ES6/ES2015 and includes tooling to compile to ES5 via Babel.


    This update also uses a neat little app architecture for 4.0 based on using Accessor to watch for property changes in the app.


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