Path distance problem!

Discussion created by jorgish on Oct 5, 2012
I am attempting to create an anisotropic cost surface for use in least cost path analysis using the Path Distance tool and Toblers hiking function. I am following the tutorial posted by Nico Tripcevich found at, using the ToblerAway.txt file included. I am using ASTERGDEM V2 data with 30 m spatial resolution (32bit floating point), projected into UTM, and a shapefile of the points I am attempting to find least cost paths from. However, whenever I run path distance from my origin point, using the DEM as the surface raster and the vertical raster and the ToblerAway.txt file for vertical factor, the tool returns a path distance that is obviously wrong, with just straight line blocks running across the DEM surface. (See picture). What could I be doing wrong?
The sites layer included in the tutorial data includes fields such as X_CENT, Y_CENT, Z_CENT, Site_Area, OFFSETA, and RADIUS. Do I need to include something like that in my sites layer? Please help!