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Exporting data from hosted feature services - Where are the buttons?

Question asked by marylandgis on Sep 24, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2012 by marylandgis
I'm working in AGOL for Orgs, paid subscription.  I created a hosted feature service from a CSV file.

Now  I am following the Help article for "Exporting data from hosted feature services".  It says:

-- Click the name of your feature service to view its item details.
-- Find the Layers section of the page and click the small arrow icon next to the layer you want to export. Then choose the format you want to export.
-- Export to Shapefile exports a shapefile that you can save to disk.
-- Export to CSV file exports a comma-separated value file that you can save to disk.

There is no arrow icon.  Please see the attached screen shot.  Can you help me find this?