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Unable to publish XY event layer using ODBC connection

Question asked by wpgis5673 on Aug 23, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2012 by natogd
ArcGIS Server 10.1 does not support referencing ODBC/OLE connections from within ArcCatalog as of 8/23/2012. This means that that one is unable to publish event layers that are created directly from ODBC/OLE data sources. Rather, one's only option is to automatically copy the data to the server as part of the service sharing procedure.

ESRI support has assigned a bug to this and is working to correct:

[#NIM084080  Allow users to register OLE DB connections with the data store. ]

I did find a workaround for SQLServer. A similar workaround may be possible using other RDBMS but I cannot confirm.

1. Establish ODBC access to remote data by creating a "Linked Server" in SqlServer Management Studio. This can be tricky as the information required by SQLServer is not well documented. We are accessing a DB2 database on an iSeries AS400. Instructions for this task can be found in the attached document.

2. Create a view from within your geodatabase that performs a select against the tables that are referenced by the linked server.

The ODBC connection (i.e., linked server) should now be visible from within ArcCatalog and you should be able to add tables to your map, create event themes and publish them without ArcGIS Server automatically creating a copy the data. Note: you will still get a warning that you are publishing XY data as an event theme.

Word of warning, the performance I experienced with large tables was poor. It appears that all rows are retrieved with no caching.

I hope that ESRI addresses this situation as performance was much better with 10 using a direct ODBC connection to the remote data.

Please share any experiences or information relative to this issue. Thanks.