sys.argv are empty in python script after calculating field with Python syntax

Discussion created by jmiller121 on Aug 21, 2012
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I am having a problem that I'm wondering if anyone else can duplicate (with the attached file)

I create a python script (attached is one that takes 2 shapefiles and combines them into one... )  I put code in to detect if a certain command line argument is provided ( /notify )  and if so, it plays a sound to indicate that it's done.  I then call the python script from a batch file with the  /notify  argument.  Here is the problem... in my python script I have several CalculateField calls that use PYTHON_9.3 syntax, after the first CalculateField method is called, the sys.argv "disappear" and are no longer accessible.  A bug possibly???

Attached is a zip file that I would like several people to test and see if they get the same results... directions...

1. Unzip the attachment to any directory
2. Run the .bat file.  It calls the python script with the /notify argument
3. Observe the output.  The python script prints out the sys.argv  several times and the 3rd time they are blank...

Any input is greatly appreciated...