Data Driven Pages: Dynamic Text Difficulties

Discussion created by jeremywgoldsmith on Aug 13, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2012 by Stringtheory
I'm working on a Data Driven Pages project for a Map Book of our townships in Salt Lake County. 

I am having a problem with dynamic text.

Can someone help?

Here is my dynamic text:  <dyn type="Page" property="PageNum_E" preStr="See Page : "/>

When I am on page 2 of my data driven pages, there isn't a GridIndex reference to the east and to the north.  Therefore in 'Layout View', I should see [empty] where the text is located for "PageNum_E" and for "PageNum_N".  If I export to PDF, I still see the neighboring static text of "See Page: " and I don't want it to show when I don't have a GridIndex in that location.  I want no text to display when there isn't a GridIndex in that location. 

The eerie situation is that the same line of dynamic text for "PageNum_W" works just how I want it to. 

I have attached a screen shot of my problem below...

How come this is happening?