How to Generate 3D lines from Survey Drillholes using Arcpy

Discussion created by bgeoca on Jul 27, 2012
I already asked this question"How to create 3d drillhole " in ArcGIS 3D Analysis Froum and I knew some one (Neil Ayres) has created an Arcpy script in python which enable to create 3D line form a tabular data(Unfortunately I could'nt figure it out how to use my table's Dip and Azimuth values in this example and how and where "gavin burgess" got thos XMax,XMin,YMax,YMin(s)?).
Can you please let me know if this is possible to create a 3d line from Arcpy , based on a survey point data like this?

I really appreciate if you can help me to find a way to convert the table value to 3d trough Arcpy.