Row in .csv file causes file to not upload

Discussion created by annajane4185 on Jul 27, 2012
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I saved an excel file of addresses into a .csv format and I got the following warning when I tried to upload it into ArcGIS online: "An error occurred while creating features. (Must specify either sourceUrl, input file or text.)"

In order to find where the error was occurring, I uploaded each row separately and discovered which row is causing the error, i.e. when this one row is not included, the .csv file uploads and the entries geocode correctly and when the row is included, I get the above error message and it will not upload. The problem is that I can't figure out why this one row is causing the error.

Can anyone help me identify what exactly about this row is causing the the file not to upload-- so I can avoid this error message future? It took me a considerable amount of time to locate the row with the error and I will not be able to do this with a file that has a lot of addresses (rows).

I have uploaded the original excel file and highlighted the row that is causing the error.