Modelbuilder does not display correct append fields.

Discussion created by dmac707 on Jun 22, 2012
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Hello to the ArcGIS community,

I have been tasked by my company to transfer all our data from Geoconcept to ArcGIS. I have also been tasked with creating processes that will automate our work flows. Before starting I had no knowledge of modelbuilder but I have had to learn and quickly. One of the models I have created is designed to dissolve a series polygon features and then append them to another feature (all within a single file geodatabase).


Above is the window I get when running the tool. I want to dissolve the polygons features based on ROUND and summarize the SECTOR Field as FIRST. Then I want to append the new feature, I map the input field ROUND to NAME and SECTOR to SECTOR. The Problem is, the SECTOR input is set to SECTOR, not FIRST_SECTOR. This means the field is not appended.

Could this because it has the same field name? How would I fix that?

Any and all help is welcome.
Many Thanks,