Mosaic Operation causes COM exception when invoked from a WebService

Discussion created by madormapad on Jun 6, 2012
Hi there,
I'm having a weird problem while working with ArcObjects and Mosaic Datasets:
I attempt to create a MosaicDataset and then append rasters to it.
I basically have 2 operations: first I create the MosaicDataset and then I append the rasters (using IMosaicDatasetOperation.AddRasters):
The operation is invoked by a standard WCF service which worked just fine while I invoked it using the VisualStudio SVCHost
But when I try to call the service from another application the first operation (Mosaic Dataset creation) runs just fine but the AddRasters
method throws an exception which just shuts the entire svcHost or w3wp process down without letting me catch the exception.
I managed to get 1 error after trying different methods which was:

I published the service on IIS but it didn't help, the user running the AppPool is a full administrator
It seems so strange that the service works fine but when invoked from a client it throws this weird dynamic lib exception
I'm running on a Windows Server 2008 R1 with IIS7 and ArcObjects 10.1 PreRelease
Please help.. I'm all out of ideas :confused: