Using a FeatureCursor with ISelectionSet.Search with Option Strict On

Discussion created by getmeamartini on Apr 11, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I'm having this problem when I try to convert this simple Function from VBA to VB.Net with The "Option Strict On"
I Wish to use a FeatureCursor to retreive all the Features selected in a FeatureLayer.  In VBA, we were able to pass a FeatureCursor to the Search Method of ISelectionSet.  In .Net, with Option Strict On, this is not possible anymore.  We have to pass a Cursor (otherwise a CType conversion will be requiered, wich won't work anyway!)

So my question is how do I access the Feature if I can only use a Cursor?
Please, see the attached code.

TIA for your help!