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[DotNet] Is it possible to create an elevation  Profile layer using Arc Engine

Question asked by Adjutant on Mar 12, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2012 by Neil

I am upgrading a stand alone application (from MapObjects 2.2), to ArcObjects 10 in DotNet.
MapObjects did not support a dynamic Terrain Profile view - this feature was added manually (using windows Forms and custom elevation data processing).

The input data is in the form of SRTM elevation files (
The objective is to dynamically enable / disable a layer or view of an elevation profile for a given path over elevation data (i.e. set of lat/lon coordinates).

The image below is an example (click to enlarge):

After a lot of reading and searching the ArcGIS forums I understand that the spacial analyst extension seems to be the correct extension for this feature - but I cannot find any references in the API for what I would like to do : create an elevation profile image from elevation data.
I also see that ARC Desktop has front end features to manage this sort of visualization - but I would like to do this programmatically with ArcEngine in my own stand alone application.
It would obviously be ideal if ArcEngine itself could handle this, without the need for an extension.

The ESRI sales consultant explained to us that this would certainly be possible - could someone please point me in the right direction.