ArcGIS10: OLE DB Connection-Create Feature Class from XY Table of accdb. No Points?

Discussion created by ScottChang25 on Mar 8, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2012 by m.gasior
Hi all,
In my ArcCatalog 10, I have "Table8Pts" for 8 sets (points) of XY coordinates in Access 2007/OLE DB Connection.  I clicked on "Create Feature Class" => From XY Table => Added the Geographic (or Projected) Coordinate System => WGS_1984_World_ Mercater => executed the process for the "Create Feature Class" OK.  It generated a shapefile "XYTable8Pts in ArcCatalog 10. In my ArcMap 10, I added the Data of the "XYTable8Pts" shapefile to the Layers.  It worked also. But I can't see the 8 points appeared on the right-hand-side of pane/screen. See the attached file for details.  I do not how to make the 8 points appeared on the screen.  Please help and advise me how to make the 8 points appeared on the  right-hand-side of pane/screen.
Scott Chang