Can't delete Feature Class

Discussion created by gis_tech on Feb 9, 2012
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2012 by ndei-esristaff
I can�??t delete a Feature Class within a versioned Feature Dataset.  I don�??t get an error or anything, I simply don�??t get the option to delete it when I right-click (see attached).  I�??m using ArcGIS 10 and MS SQL 2005.

I�??ve tried everything I can think of, including putting the database into single user mode and logging in as SA.  No dice.  I�??ve tried using the following script to find locks but even when there are no locks, I still can�??t delete the FC.

SELECT a.owner + '.' + a.table_name locked_table, a.registration_id, 
b.owner locked_by, b.nodename machine, b.start_time 
FROM sde.SDE_table_registry a, sde.SDE_process_information b, sde.SDE_table_locks c
WHERE a.registration_id = c.registration_id
AND b.sde_id = c.sde_id
ORDER BY locked_table

All help would be greatly appreciated.