Can't seem to get a network analysis layer into the location-allocation object

Discussion created by MarkShymanski on Feb 2, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2012 by jsandhu-esristaff
Yet another Network Analyst question...

I am creating location allocation models, the process works fine in the interactive process and almost works in the Model Builder environment.  It works up until I get to the adding demand points to the Make Allocation object (on the extreme right in the attached bitmap).  There does not seem, to me, to be a way to take the network analyst layer that has the features and demand points already and link it to the Make Allocation object, even though it is apparently expecting a network analyst layer.  If I run the model (from the toolbox) it completes with errors that there are too many facility requests for the available facilities and that the demand point layer is empty.  If I click on the solve icon on the desktop it solves the question.  How do I re-connect the disconnect between my prepared network analysis layer and the location allocation tool?  Any advice greatly appreciated.