Geometry functions or geoprocessing

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I was trying to find following operations on geometries for disconnected mode running on file-gdb. Many of these functions
exist in GeometryService class but I could not find anything in LocalGeometryService. Do this means that I have to
make Geoprocessing packages (for tools that exists for runtime) and then use those packages to run tools on my file-gdb?

I tried to use Editor Object to do those operations for me (cut, union, reshape). But the problem is that Editor uses
Commands and I could not find a way to send parameter and get the result an operation. For ex. I would like to
construct a line and a polygon and send them to Cut(line,polygon) and get back a list of polygons without user interaction.

I have also done some testing on making Geoprocessing packages and using them. The first thing I noticed was that
some standard tools are not the same as I was expected them to be. For ex. Union does not construct a polygon union in the same
way as Editor Class does. I tried also Intersect and got â??Error 500â?? all the time. See the attached file.
The second thing was that executing tools took long time 5-6 seconds for union between 2 polygons or buffer a point.
Is there a way to make this tools run faster? In_memory workspace or other way?


Geometry Functions

Get ExteriorRings of a polygon.
Get InteriorRings of a polygon.
Get LablelPoint of a polygon.
Construct Buffer of a polygon.
Construct union between polygons.
Construct intersect between polygons.
Get Boundary of a polygon.
Cut a polygon with a line.
Construct Difference between polygons.

Split a polyline at a Point.
Construct Buffer of a polyline.

Buffer a point.
Project point coordinates from one coordinate system to another.