Scopes and Orientations - Put a Fence all around

Discussion created by thyandrecardoso on Jan 11, 2012
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I reckon I should know how to do this correctly by now...but no lol

Well, I want to put a fence all around a shape (specifically, a square or rectangle), with no particular "orientation" set (= don't know street side, or first edge, or whatever...).
Also, the shape might not be horizontal (might be aligned to some terrain).

The fence I want to put is the one in the attachments (which is not yUp, I think). The fence has a "interior" and "outer" side -- a side which should be oriented to the interior of the shape, and a side which should be oriented to the outside of the shape.

I'm trying to do this with "setbacks", and then normal "splits", with some "alignScopeToGeometry" on the way...
My problem is that I can't ORIENT the fence correctly on all the sides (because, after the setback the scope is not always oriented the same way).
More specifically, I've been able to put the fence all around the shape, with the right side upwards; However, on some sides of the shape, I'm not able to correctly orient the interior and outer side of the fence.

I think this is a fairly simple thing to the CGA "gurus" :P, can you post a solution here?

Thanks in advance!!