Can you cycle through selected features in Attribute Editing window?

Discussion created by hylndr on Dec 14, 2011
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Howdy All,
    My hopefully pretty simple question is: Can you programmatically cycle through the selected features in the Attribute Editor windows?  I'm referring to the tree in the top panel.  I am trying to create an Add-in the has a couple of buttons on it that will cycle through the selected features  and display some things, along with allowing the user to use the attribute editor to change some of the attributes...  Hopefully it can be done without having to clear or change the selected set of features.  I know that you can "click" them individually, but I am trying to use the buttons on my form to move through the set...  What I'm trying to get at is when you use the button, the highlighted item will move to the next one and the attributes listed below will change to the new feature.

I do have an array of objectIDs within the form's code, if that helps any....

Attached is a picture of where I'm talking about...

Thanks in advance,
Kevin Orcutt