Suppressing ArcToolbox Output from GPFunction

Discussion created by swolf011 on Jul 29, 2010

I am writing a tool that calls some common ESRI data management toolboxes during its execution.  Calling these toolboxes dumps their messages into my tool's output window.  Unless an error occurs, I would really like to suppress called toolbox messages.

How can I go about doing this?

My code is essentially this:
 Public Sub Execute(  ByVal paramvalues As IArray, _
                                    ByVal trackcancel As ITrackCancel, _
                                    ByVal envMgr As IGPEnvironmentManager, _
                                    ByVal message As IGPMessages) Implements IGPFunction.Execute, IGPFunction2.Execute
  'Custom Geoprocessing Code here...
  pGeoResult1 = pGeoProcessor.Execute("Toolbox1", Parameters1, TrackCancel)  
  pGeoResult2 = pGeoProcessor.Execute("Toolbox2", Parameters2, TrackCancel) 

  'At this point, my tool window is filled with a ton of output from "Toolbox1" and "Toolbox2"

  'More Custom Geoprocessing Code here...
 End Sub