Address Locator not able to find address

Discussion created by archanasahu on Nov 21, 2011
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We have a file geodatbase where we have crated a feature dataset consisting of few layers and an address locator (single field) referencing one layer from the feature dataset (please refer to the screenshot attached). But, for some reason the address locator is not able to find the address (always says '....address not found') even in the ArcMap. Of-course same thing happens after publishing this address locator as geocode service and use it through 'Find Address' Task in the arcgis server (java webadf).

But, if we create an address locator that reference to a normal shape file without any projection set (which is now included in the feature dataset with projection - Geographic Coordinate System), the address is found by the locator inside ArcMap on the mxd created using the layers in the feature dataset. But, because of the difference in spatial reference, neither can it point to the location on the map in the web mapping application (it doesn't draw or highlight the point on map) nor can it show any result on the result panel.

Can somebody please advice what could go wrong in this case and how can we fix it? We have tried creating address locator referencing a layer both in file/personal geodatabase and plain shape files with projection. Nothing seems to work. Please somebody help.