Table not found error while trying to register SQL spatial table

Discussion created by yang on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by vangelo-esristaff

I'm trying to register a SQL Server spatial table in ArcSDE with following command:

sdelayer -o register -l dbo.baabLeitung_l,gFeature -C OID,SDE -e l3+ -R 6 -i sde:sqlserver:db-server2008\sql2008 -u sa -p mypwd -s DB-Server2008 -t GEOMETRY -D doeverden

As you see, I use a direct connection to the database server. The spatial table has a geometry column of gFeature. It has line geometry (linestring). If I execute the command, the following error will be raised every time:

DBMS table not found (-37)

But the table is there and can be listed with the command:

sdetable -o describe -t dbo.baabLeitung_l -i sde:sqlserver:db-server2008\sql2008 -s DB-Server2008 -D doeverden -u sa -p mypwd

I used here the same connection and the listed table can be checked in the attachment.
I could not figure out what the error means. Perhaps someone can help!

Thank you.