sealjack on iPad configuration error

Discussion created by sealjack on Nov 2, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by gshimmin
Hi, from two days ago we're having problem to access the ArcGIS for iPad on our iPad2.

We could launch the app, login to our account, but could retrieve our groups or maps. and after trying a while it gave an error message saying "Configuration Error, Use default configuration" (as attached screenshot)

Strange enough this error comes out on and off during the day, and it happened crossing couple of our iPads. The internet connection is OK as we could open web pages from Safari. Our maps services are OK. I really don't know what has caused the problem and we need to solve it urgently...

The application works all fine until two days ago we started to use our own map service (dynamic map service) as the base map. Would it cause the problem?

any advice would be appreciated!