Export map - no options for details, filename..

Discussion created by ucdcrush on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2019 by bakary1935
Hi all, this morning I was exporting from ArcMap to a PNG file. Towards the bottom of the window that opens when I click "Export map..", there was a little arrow to close the detail section. The detail section apparently contains the size of the graphic, the file type, even the name.

Now that I have clicked that, it seems to be gone forever. Now when the Export map window comes up, the window only shows files within the folder, and does not show the details arrow (to re-expand the detail section), or even the filename, graphic type or graphic size (see attachment).

I have tried stretching the window around etc., and cannot locate that now hidden section. Can anyone suggest I might get it back? I have opened/closed Arcmap, no luck there.

Thank you.