Export to Image by VBA from outside ArcMap fails

Discussion created by daniel_fuchs on Sep 29, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by c-jjanoka
I know a rather similar topic has been around before, but without a really satisfying answer, so I'll try again.

I wrote a short export routine in VBA that simply exports the current PageLayout to a PDF file, and if run from within ArcMap it works fine. But if I put the same function in a module in MSAccess and run it from there it produces a blank page (of the right dimensions, however). All other ArcMap automation run from MSAccess works ok, e. g. if I set the layout zoom factor to 100 or refresh the page layout, that's done. Only the export itself produces a blank page.

The actual code is attached although as I said it's working in ArcMap. I very much hope someone out there has a solution - thanks in advance.