Fill a Model input parameter with values from a selected field

Discussion created by vpelleri on Sep 29, 2011
Does anyone have ideas how I could supply a unique list of values from a selected field of a polygon feature class for my model input?

I've included a picture of my current model input that is a batch input grid that's available when I make my parameter a "list of values" in the general parameter properties. Each of the land cover values shown in the attached picture has been typed in manually but I would like to provide the user with a drop-down list of values that are based on a unique list from the selected field.

The context for this is that I am working with a polygon feature class and don't want to convert to a raster in order to use the Reclassify tool, which would do what I want. I don't want to convert to raster for lots of reasons but one is that my model crashes more when I work with a raster.

Just groping for ideas...