AGSGPS causes app crash when using 10.0 web mercator map service

Discussion created by bernese on Jul 28, 2010
If I load a web mercator map service (EPSG 3857) generated using ArcGIS Server 10, calling <myAGSMapViewName>.gps.start crashes the app. If I load the same web mercator map service (WKID 102100) generated using ArcGIS Server 9.3.1, no crash occurs when I enable GPS.

Here is what seems to be happening (from looking at my stack after the crash): AGSGPS calls out to an ESRI geometry service to translate the GPS to web mercator but gets back nothing or bad data. Some method within AGSGPS fails to process the bad or empty return and crashes the app.

I am on the latest build of the iOs SDK.