problem with script in PythonWin but not ArcMap's python window

Discussion created by gilest on Aug 9, 2011
I have a simple script (below) which copies data from a Data Interop connection to a new file geodatabase. The script works fine in ArcMap's python window and in Idle but crashes PythonWin (see attached), which is what I prefer to work in. I'm running Win 7 (64bit), Python 2.6 (installed w/ ArcGIS), PythonWin build 212 (32bit, installed from the ArcGIS install disk), and ArcGIS 10 SP 2 with an ArcInfo license.

Anyone have any ideas why this might happen & how I can fix it?

Thanks, Terry

import arcpy, datetime, string

strInterop = 'Interoperability Connections\\IPHIS.fdl\\Samples'
strFolder = 'X:/Central/Temp'
strBase = 'iphis_' + string.replace(str(,'-','')
strDB = strBase + '.gdb',strDB,'9.3')    #crashes here in PythonWin,strFolder + '/' + strDB + '/' + strBase)