Upgrading an application from VB.net 2005 to VB.net 2010, errors?

Discussion created by jihua816 on Jun 30, 2011
Hello, I developed a stand-alone application using VB.net 2005 for GIS9.2 several years ago. Users will install the generated .exe file and then add the tools from customize and command. They work great and published in ArcUser

Now I am upgrading this application using VB.net 2010 to make the tool compatible with Arcgis 10 according to the steps showing in this link
I recompiled my project in VB.net 2010 and there are no errors but some warnings(rebuild all succeeded).

My question is
Is the application type window forms? If yes, Which kind of startup project should I specify?  Originally I have two forms and can be installed as a toolbar.
My original code is a window forms application. But users need to install the generated .exe file and then add the tools from customize-command.
I have attached my source code. You may unzip it and rebuild the PRO2010 in VS 2010. I also include a word document showing how to run the older version of it for arcgis 9.3. I used Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 ultimate.
Any suggestions?