Importing netCDF, automatic interpolation

Discussion created by beleth on Jun 20, 2011
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Hey there,
i´ve a nice problem which annoys me for some days and i didn´t found a solution. Hopefully anyone can help me with it. But now to the problem:

I tried to import netcdf-files with the "Make NetCDF Raster Layer"-Tool in ArcGIS 10, also with the arcpy-module. As a result, i get a strange result, looks like a 2-step-interpolation. I reinstalled ArcGIS a view times, tried the two different servicepacks (the second one is worser than the first, because i can´t classify the data with sp2, but without a sp or sp1 it´s possible), all with the same result. The files itself are correct, and on the computers of my collegues the importing works. Tried different python-versions because i thought the problem might be with python: also no difference. But here´s the result: