ArcSDE 10 SP2 Connection Performance

Discussion created by mousaem on Jun 17, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2011 by vangelo-esristaff

We have upgraded ArcSDE from 9.3.1 SP2 to ArcSDE 10 SP2. Currently, the performance have been degraded since the upgrade. To establish a connection using ArcCatalog 10 SP2, takes around 3 minutes !!!

There were no changes in platforms only upgrading the ArcSDE, i have checked the SERVER_CONFIG Table and i don't see problem with the parameters. The performance was much better with ArcSDE 9.3.1

and, i have checked the server resources and they seem ok....

i have attached the "intercept file " for your review please...

the current platforms:
Oracle 11gR2 hosted on IBM AIX 6.1 server
ArcSDE 10 SP2 hosted on the same database server (IBM AIX 6.1)
Desktop version used (i.e. ArcCatalog): 10 SP2

Your Support is highly appreciated.