Convert Labels/Annotation to Points using Python 9.3, get centroids

Discussion created by SaultDon on May 9, 2011
Latest reply on May 11, 2011 by SaultDon
I have a problem where I need to generate a point for every label but would like to do it with python  using the shape geometry and have came up with the following results...


The red '0' is the actual label from the feature class, it is being drawn dynamically (not stored as annotation)

When using Calculate Geometry and
they share the same location, like a weighted/centre of gravity point.

return the same point, and neither is actually on the label point...

A workaround, is to convert the labels to annotation (in a gdb), then add two new x/y fields and calculate the geometry of those, then create an XY theme from those two fields. Note that the x/y given will be a bounding box of the annotation, so multi-line labels can affect this. I generate x/y on a label with a single character.

But like I mentioned, a python solution would be nice. The shape.LabelPoint sounded so promising!