Rotate Feature or Find Rotating Envelope Polygon

Discussion created by dwightlanier on May 5, 2011
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Couldn't find anything posted on this, if I overlooked, please redirect, otherwise:

Ultimate Goal:  Create a series of polygons (each polygon in it's own separate shapefile) whose width is the same as the width of an input feature, but at different angles from 0 - 360 degrees.  See attached image where the red lines would represent the extent of the feature at different angles of rotation.

Method:  I'm looking to find the min and max x value of a single polygon feature, which can easily be done when the feature is sitting in it's normal angle of 0 degrees rotation by using the properties or the create envelope polygon tool.  To build the other polygons that show the width of the feature at different angles, I would think that it's easier to rotate the input feature one degree, recalculate the extent rectangle as if it's sitting at zero degrees rotation, and then rotate the extent rectangle back the same degree of rotation that the input feature was rotated. 

Question:  How can I use Python to rotate a feature in ArcGIS 9.3?