Values shifting to different fields in attribute table

Discussion created by sschulte151 on May 4, 2011
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I use ArcGIS 10 and I recently installed Business Analyst, version 10. I'm mentioning that because I've been using 10 for about 7-8 months and haven't had any issues. When I opened a version of our street file to do normal editing, the values shifted fields. I went to a new mxd, pulled in the streets again, and the same thing happened, tried viewing our production streets, and the same thing. Please see attached. Where joinid is it's showing the network_road_type and it should just be a number, sfeanme should be the street name and it has a the class field. Is there a bug w/BA? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm considering removing the BA extension to see if that's the problems.

Sharon Schulte

Also, when I checked with others who also have BA installed, they see the same scrambling I see.