Has anyone calculated the carbon content of the forest based on an image of band4....

Discussion created by Jamal432@gmail.com on Apr 6, 2011
Has anyone calculate the carbon content of the forest based on an image of band4 and band5?

The method:

Biomass Volume = - 478.58 + 4.5041 ?? ND45 (Mt/ha)
ND45 = 128 ?? ((TM4* - TM5*) / (TM4 + TM5)) + 128
Carbon = Biomass Volume ?? 0.5 (Mt/ha)

Critical point:

??? The vegetation index   includes water. Then how to extract the forest from this index? Based in which values? For example, the values of the NDVI are indicative: Very low values of NDVI (0.1 and below) correspond to barren areas of rock, sand, or snow. Moderate values represent shrub and grassland (0.2 to 0.3), while high values indicate temperate and tropical rainforests (0.6 to 0.8). in this case we can extract exactly what we need. In which sense is this applicable for ND45?

??? Do we need to process the pixel values of ND45 according to the average over 11x11 pixel window? Does this affect the result and the approach?

??? As the result of this approach is a raster that contains the values of carbon at each cell in (kg/ha), then is it correct to calculate the weight of carbon at each cell by multiplying the value of that cell with its area and then to sum all of these values up?  Should we convert the area of the cell to ha (hectare) first or this is included in the equation?

??? Is this approach applicable if we have an image from Landsat ETM+?

any idea?

Thank you