Data Driven Pages legend issue

Discussion created by bmistak on Mar 18, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2012 by shepa006
I haven't come across this in the forums.  I'm having an issue with my legend where certain symbols are being shifted up after/during exportation to PDF.  All the symbols are from SDE layer files, the difference with these particular symbols is that they are shown as unique values within the same layer file (see inserted image).  I tried turning DDP off and creating a PDF, using this layer file and had no issues.  I also tried adding the SDE feature class with DDP on, with no issues, however as soon as I import the symbology from the layer file, I get the upward shift again.  I then picked a couple of random symbols to make sure that it wasn't the symbology causing problems, that again produced the same results.  Finally, I tried using a querry definition to only show hospitals, and the symbol still shifted upward. So it appears to me that this issue seems to be specific to feature classes and layers (and probably shapefiles) where originally there were more than one symbol shown, within DDP.  I'm wondering if this is perhaps specific to the type of symbol being shown? My symbols are character markers.

I haven't tried this yet, but my work around appears to be separating health care facilities and hospitals into two new feature classes (the way the other symbols are being shown), which is counter productive to the whole process and our SDE setup.

Has anyone experienced this before?  Any ideas for other work arounds?