Possible problem with standard error calculation for Nearest Neighbor Statistic?

Discussion created by wakwin on Dec 20, 2010
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So I noticed today that the equation used to calculate the standard error for the nearest neighbor statistic is 0.26136/((N**2/A)**0.5).  This seems to be the same as the equation given by Clark and Evan (1954).  However the equation Clark and Evan give in 1979 is 0.26136/((N/A)**0.5).  This seems to be a problem, as the equation I use for the standard error for 3-dimensions also comes from the 1979 paper and is 0.20136/((N/V)**0.3333), where V is the volume.  Does this mean that this last equation should really be 0.20136/((N**3/V)**0.3333) and that it is wrong in Clark and Evan's 1979 paper as well?  If anyone has an answer to this or an explanation, I would greatly appreciate it. 

I attached the 1979 paper in case you need it.