multiple data frames show data with offset in page layout and in map exports

Discussion created by deleted-user-GUh-FKw7hx3t on Nov 29, 2010
I have an inexplicable problem. Attached is a copy of a MXD and one SHP in order to help you to understand my problem.

I???m actually developing an application for ArcMap in C sharp, and the idea was to align many data frames together. In order to do so, my idea was to give the same Fixed Extent to many data frames having the same size. In my example, the same point SHP is loaded in each data frame. So theoretically, as all the data frames have the same size, fixed extent and the same data, so the result seen should also be at the same scale and aligned. But it is not. The same problem occurs even if each data frame contains a different SHP copy (or feature class of a FGDB), projected or not.

If I zoom to different zoom level on the Page Layout, I can see the displaying of the data changing from one zoom level to the other. The data offsets horizontally, sometimes just on one data frame and sometimes on many (no clear pattern can be identified). I can sometimes see that the scale is changing, but not the fixed extent, which should be impossible. The problem is mostly at the export to whatever format: even if I zoom to a Page Layout zoom level in ArcMap which allow me to see the desired display, the export result in PDF is not necessarily ok. I could tolerate that the display is not always ok at all Page Layout zoom level, but I would like at least to be able to export a PDF with the right result. We have noticed that if the Page Layout zoom level can be divided by 10 (10,20,30,120,220, etc), the display will be ok in ArcMap, but still not in the export.

Is there anything I can do programmatically to avoid this situation?

I am currently using ArcGIS 9.3.1 and I???ve tested it also on 9.3.1 SP1, SP2 as well as on ArcMap 10.