ICommand OnClick() not working in C#...works fine in VB.Net :(

Discussion created by ujjwalesri on Sep 27, 2010
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I am facing a strange issue with a piece of code.
I have created an ICommand sample in C# & VB.Net both, but the when I click on the button using the C# code, nothing happens. I have tried the following:

  1. Put message box within the OnClick procedure...it does not gets displayed during runtime.

  2. Put breakpoints, but even they are not getting hit

  3. My code is in DEBUG mode and not in Release mode

  4. Same piece of code works fine in VB.net

  5. Have reset my devolopment environment (devenv/resetsettings)...no help

Any clues why this strange behavior???
I have attached my solution, please remove any illegal references, as the code is referencing Network Engineer dll.

PS: I am using VS 2005, ESRI 9.2