Batch Subwatershed Calculation Problem

Discussion created by strobrid on Aug 19, 2010
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Hi there,

I'm trying to calculate subwatersheds for ~1200 points and am getting a "could not set analysis window" error (see attached jpg).  The points are completely contained by a reasonable looking catchment grid based on a stream link file derived through a) burning a streams layer into and b) filling sinks from my original DEM.  I'm not quite sure how the analysis window could be off if I was able to go through the intermediate calculations.  I did set the HydroIDs in the file before starting the process.  My points file contains the 5 required fields listed in the documentation and I can see that a subwatersheds points layer is created.  The "DrainID" field in the resulting file is filled with null values however.  I've tried working with an exported subset of my points and also a very small digitized set of dummy points to no avail.  I've also tried starting a new mxd, resetting the projection, adding the flow direction and stream layers, redigitizing new points but still get the error.  I am able to calculate watersheds (from catchment polygons) on the few digitized points but not for either of my "real" points files (large or subset versions).  I'm fairly new to ArcHydro but have looked through all of the documentation/tutorials that I could find as well as the posts in this forum and don't see anything about this error.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

Dan Strobridge
Weston Solutions, Inc.